Piano and Piccolo

Easy duets for piccolo and piano, sheet music pieces for students learning to play piano or piccolo.

A piccolo is a small flute. Its name in Italian means     “tiny”. Like the flute, the piccolo is normally pitched in the key of C, but     written music for the piccolo is written an octave lower than the sounds     desired in order to avoid too many leger lines above the staff. The range of     the piccolo is about an octave higher than that of the flute. Fingerings on     the piccolo correspond to fingerings on the flute, but sound an octave     higher. (en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Piccolo)

Easy Piccolo and Piano Duets

Original simple sheet music duets created for a solo piccolo with piano.     All the easy piccolo and piano duets for sale are designed to be played by     a music student on piano as well as the piccolo and requires a similar     level of early music skill for both, so that it is ideally suited for any students     to play without the need for a tutor on piano to be present.