Piano and Clarinet

Easy duets for clarinet and piano, sheet music pieces for students learning to play piano or clarinet.

The clarinet is a single-reed musical instrument in the     woodwind family with a straight tube. The name derives from adding the     suffix -et meaning little to the Italian word clarino meaning trumpet, as     the first clarinets had a strong loud tone similar to a trumpet.

Easy Clarinet and Piano Duets

clarinet and piano duetsOriginal  simple sheet music clarinet duets created for a solo clarinet with piano. All  the easy duets for sale are designed to be played by a music student on piano as well  as the clarinet and requires a similar level of early music skill for both, so  that it is ideally suited for any students to play without the need for a tutor  on piano to be present. Clarinet duets vary from easy to easy / moderate due to  the transposition range between the clarinet and piano. Each individual duet is  categorised in the easy clarinet music section of the ‘Listen to the Duets’ page.