Piano and Cello

Easy duets for cello and piano,     sheet music pieces for students learning to play piano or cello.

The violoncello, or as it is more commonly to refered     to as the cello or ‘cello (pronounced Cheh-loh), is a stringed instrument     and a member of the violin family. The cello is much larger than a violin,     and unlike that instrument, it is played in an upright position between the     legs of the seated musician, resting on a metal spike, called the endpin.     The player draws the bow horizontally across the strings.     (en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cello)

Easy Cello and Piano Duets

Cello and piano duets Simple sheet music duets created for a solo cello with piano. Whilst not necessarily written for     absolute beginners, all the available original easy cello and piano duets are designed to be played by     a music student on piano as well as the cello and requires a similar     level of early music skill for both, so that it is ideally suited for any students     to play without the need for a tutor on piano to be present. Each duet is  categorised in the easy cello music section of the ‘Listen to the Duets’ page.