Music for wedding Bands and orchestral interludes.

Simple music pieces including trios for students learning to play a musical instrument and as a music teachers resource.

Original simple sheet music duets for a solo musical instrument with piano, also trios for two     instruments with piano.

All the  easy duets for sale are designed to be played by     a music student on piano as well as the solo instrument and requires a similar level of early music skill for both, so that they are ideally suited for any students     to play without the need for a music teacher on piano to be present.

They all require a working knowledge of the instrument and notation, and if referred to as ‘easy’ or ‘easy/moderate’ it is relative to the scale of ‘easy – moderate – difficult’ (where ‘difficult’ is a professional’s standard of skill).

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This is a site which we hope will prove useful and a good source of sheet music for those duos and trios wishing to have fun playing easy duets and trios, whether in school, college or at home or in a practice room. We have, however, been producing music duets, trios and all sorts of other musical instrument combo compositions for very many years, and are seasoned professionals in the live music industry across the world. We will be updating this section with interesting new features and more trios and duets for sale as we progress but for now we have a good library of original musical pieces for you to purchase, even if some pieces are not yet uploaded to the site. Just remember, we create original compositions and do not provide a source of sheet music already published. If you feel the specific need for a certain type of music, be it music for two, three, a quartet, ensemble or orchestration that we could provide, please e-mail us by using the link on the left.